Body Wraps - Inch Loss Or Fat Loss?

There has been a century long debate about the effects of body wraps on our systems. Do they create inch loss, fat loss, or both? Read on for a detailed discussion.

Body wraps have been around for hundreds of years. Originally, body wraps' sole functionality was to stimulate circulation in areas with blood pooling or clotting. These wraps date all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. However, over the past thirty years, due to increased testimonials, and scientific evidence there has been an heated debate amongst healthy professionals trying to determine if some body wraps can facilitate fat loss rather than just inch loss. Body wraps have become a very common cosmetic tool and are growing very popular in the home, salons, and spas.

\"Body Wraps For Weight Loss\"

An Inch Loss Body Wrap

Body Wraps - Inch Loss Or Fat Loss?

There are two different types of body wraps, and both of these types can facilitate intense moisturizing and conditioning of the skin. However, the functions of the two are very different. The first kind of body wrap, creates inch loss mainly from water elimination. These water elimination wraps can be a life saver if you have a large event, anniversary, or an occasion when you want to look exceptionally slim, but, the inch loss is really only temporary.

A Fat Loss Body Wrap

The second type of body wrap aides in fat loss by helping the lymphatic system relieve the body of stored toxins. These wraps stimulate a process called lymphatic drainage, where toxins and fatty acids from your bloated fat cells are released into the capillaries and eliminated along with the bodies normal waste. Drinking large amount of water is common to help facilitate the detoxification and fat loss. The results from this type of body wrap might not be as immediately drastic, but the inch loss is often permanent.

The concurring thought amongst most health professionals is that fat loss can be facilitated by a body wrap if healthy food habits are maintained. But, the majority of body wraps on the market today simply remove excess water weight and can be misleading. Most experts agree that body wraps won't serve much of a long term purpose if exercise and diet aren't a normal part of your daily regimen.

Body Wraps - Inch Loss Or Fat Loss?

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